LH Aesthetics - SCULPTRA Collagen Stimulation

What does Dr. Hallam say about Sculptra®?

Sculptra® is an effective treatment for reshaping the face. It can be particularly effective in adding volume back where it has been lost due to ageing. Sculptra® can also be effective in giving the face a non-surgical lift.

Many of my patients have experienced such a good result from Sculptra® that they have changed their minds about having a surgical face-lift.


What is Sculptra®?

Sculptra® is different from other treatments in that it works by stimulating the body’s own collagen to subtly smooth out lines and wrinkles. As we age, the body produces less collagen resulting in lines and wrinkles as well as a sunken appearance. Sculptra® can help to restore the production of collagen resulting in a fuller, more natural look.

Sculptra® is a form of lactic acid that occurs naturally in the muscles. Injecting doses of this lactic acid into the skin and tissues causes the production of collagen to be stimulated.

How does Sculptra® work?

Traditional treatments work by injecting synthetic substances into the skin. Sculptra® is different in that it helps to replenish the collagen that is already in the body. By helping to replenish the collagen that is already in the body, Sculptra® gradually restores lost facial volume. As the injected lactic acid breaks down the natural collagen in the face is replenished. Most other dermal fillers are used to treat individual lines and wrinkles, whereas Sculptra® can be used to treat most area of the face.

Which area can be treated with Sculptra®?

Sculptra® can be used to treat all of the following areas:
bullet  Lines, wrinkles and folds;
bullet  Lines between the nose and the mouth;
bullet  Lines around the corners of the mouth;
bullet  Wrinkles on the cheeks and chin;
bullet  Sunken cheeks;
bullet  Sunken areas around the temples;
bullet  Jowls.

How is Sculptra® administered?

Sculptra® needs hydrating with water before being administered, so an appointment usually needs to be made five days before the treatment is to be administered. The skin is cleaned and a local anaesthetic is then applied to the area to be treated. Sculptra® is administered by means of deep injections into the temple, cheeks and chin. The injections do not hurt but they may feel strange. Two or three treatments need to be administered, usually between two and three months apart.

How long do the effects of Sculptra® last for?

Sculptra® takes time to develop. This means that there will be a gradual change over a period of between four and six months. The effects of a Sculptra® treatment can last for between two and three years.

How safe is Sculptra®?

Common side effects from Sculptra® can include the following at the site of the injection:
bullet  Bleeding;
bullet  Tenderness;
bullet  Pain;
bullet  Bruising;
bullet  Swelling.
These side effects usually resolve within 2 to 6 days.


    In order to get the best results after a treatment with Sculptra®, the following guidelines should be followed:
    bullet  Massage the treatment area twice daily for one month.
    bullet  Avoid excessive sunlight and UV exposure.
    bullet  An ice pack may be applied to the treated area within the first 24 hours to help reduce the swelling.

Treatment cost

Sculptra® Treatment (Per vial)


2nd vial in the same session


All treatments are administered by Dr. Louise Hallam who is a member of: General Medical Council, BMA and British College of Aesthetic Medicine